Project Process

Recent Work

  1. Williams Outing Club

    Williams Outing Club

    I redesigned my college's outing club logo. This was an unsolicited redesign, the plan originally was to have take a holistic approach to use for my architecture project, which is a design of a new WOC HQ.

  2. Balzac — A Theme for Writers

    Balzac — A Theme for Writers

  3. Tuchuang Ltd.

    Tuchuang Ltd.

    I was asked to develop the identity and landing page for Tuchuang Limited, a tutoring startup in China. Tuchuang was looking to develop a professional landing page that quickly communicated both their identity and their goals.

  4. Illustrations


    Illustration is something I enjoy doing, so I try to incorporate it where appropriate. I rely on simple shapes with some minor adjustments to create a piece, filling in smaller details as I see fit. It's topped off with a left skewed drop shadow.

  5. Vined


    Vined is an easy way to search, view, and share vines posted to Twitter from the popular social media app Vine.

  6. Peck App

    Peck App

    Peck is an app aimed at consolidating and organizing events on campus. It provides students with a platform with which to see what's happening, and plan their schedule accordingly.

  7. Box Redesign

    Box Redesign

    I was contacted by Box, a cloud storage service, to apply for a job at their company. They presented me with the task of redesigning their photo, video, and document viewer. I took this as an opportunity to also clean up the rest of the interface.

  8. Typistry Theme

    Typistry Theme

    Read easier. Typistry is a minimal, single column theme based on Safari Reader and minimal writing apps like Byword and iA Writer.